June 21, 2013

What Hand-Foot Syndrome looks like

Left hand
Right hand
You can see every line in my hands. The redness doesn't photograph well but occurs at every fingertip and in the webbing between the fingers, especially between thumb and index fingers. This is what Hand-Foot Syndrome, a side effect of Xeloda, looks like.

Right heel: see how cracked and red? Plus a spot where skin is peeling off. Ouch!


  1. I know what it looks like and feels like... Especially your foot looks painful. When on Xeloda, I used moisturising cream every few hours. I was on a different schedule (two weeks on, one week off), as it is usual in The Netherlands, but do remember the painful feet. Oh and I used to wear cotton gloves to keep the cream on my hands. I looked like Michael Jackson :-)

  2. Oh man! That looks so uncomfortable. I'm sorry the side-effects are so bad. If only that we're a guarantee the chemo was working! But cancer doesn't play nice.

    I'm thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Kate, of Kate Has Cancer