May 28, 2012

Tired and happy

The weekend of singing has concluded.

Saturday's performance of Croatian songs at the NW Folklife Festival went well, although I had a huge brain fart. Our first number was a medley of two songs, and I am supposed to lead the second song. We finished the first song, and there were a few moments of silence, when suddenly our director D whispered to me, Jecam zela (the name of the second song). I looked back at her blankly, as if to say, "What's that?" Then H began to sing and my brain clicked into gear -- that's my solo. Oops! I rose to the occasion, the whole thing likely only lasted 20 seconds, and the rest of the set continued.

We also sang in the Croatian choral piece Ladarke. One minute before we were supposed to walk on stage, that director told me her soloist has been throwing up backstage and I should be ready to sing the solo lines (which I've done before, but still... on a minute's notice?). I told the director of course I would fill in if needed, not to worry. Thankfully the soloist was fine, I kept my eye on her, and she went on as planned.

"Arty" photo of Dunava under the lights

On Sunday we participated in the Bulgarian showcase. We joined with the local Bulgarian Voices choir in singing a popular Bulgarian tune about missing the homeland. Later on we performed our own short set of four songs. I know this audience wanted more from us, because they were cheering even as we walked onto the stage.

Then Rik took my mom home and I stayed on to dance. A friend from Dunava and I went to the Scandinavian dance where we did a lot of polkas, a pols, a swing dance and a waltz.  On the way over many people recognized us in our Dunava garb and gave us compliments on our singing.

After the Scandi dancing we ate shish kebab all the Balkan dancing started. I danced until my feet were even more numb than usual. It was huge fun to dance, to sing, to talk with friends who I might only see once a year, and to whoop and holler from the sheer joy of carrying on with hundreds of other people who all enjoy the same Balkan music and dance.

Today was the second day of Shavu'ot. Rabbi B had asked me to chant yizkor, the memorial service. When I agreed I didn't realize how much singing I had to do at Folklife, but it all worked out in spite of my late night dancing. However, I did have to sing in my lower range this morning. Rabbi complimented me and told me she'd like me to learn yet another part of the worship service. I think festival musaf may be in my future.

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