May 25, 2012

PET scan

I had a PET scan today to determine the effectiveness of the 30 days I have been on the  Afinitor+Aromasin+Faslodex combo. It meant getting up too early, not having breakfast, and not even being allowed to listen to music after drinking the barium solution and getting the radioactive dye. This last was because I also had a PET brain scan, and they wanted no interference with that, even from listening to music. Instead I took a 45 minute nap, followed by another nap while on the scanner bed.

Then I went off to Cafe Presse for my favorite post-fasting breakfast: omelette with saut√©ed mushrooms, salty and crunchy frites, and a cup of hot chocolat chaud served with freshly shipped cream. Plus lots of water, to flush the radioactivity out of my body. It's just about the best meal I know.

I get the results of this scan next Thursday when I see Dr G, and at that time we will either stay with the current combo or determine a new course of treatment. In the meanwhile, I have lots of singing and dancing to look forward to at Folklife, plus a visit from my mother. (That will likely include some shopping as well. What could be better?)

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