April 17, 2012

Scans, scans, scans

This week I am in the third and final round of scans for the clinical trial at SCCA.

Yesterday I had to FDG PET scan, the one done fasting. Rik is off school this week, and he took me to SCCA at just past the crack of dawn. I hadn't slept well, so relaxing in the chair while waiting for the radioactive dye to uptake was no problem. I am sure I slept because I woke myself with snores on several occasions. Same with the scan itself.

Afterwards we tried a new place for blunch. (Blunch is what Rik's mother calls the meal between breakfast and lunch. Brunch is more of a late breakfast.) We went to Brave Horse Tavern, where our server was a former student of Rik's. Now, of course, instead of being a short 8th grader, he was a tall young man sporting a mustache. I dined on hearth roasted asparagus with melty teleme cheese, grated egg, and green garlic bread crumbs and shared some good fries with Rik, who had a burger.

By the time we got hime I was ready to crash, and we both napped for more than an hour before attending a volunteer training for theatre ushers.

Today I have a brain MRI as part of the follow up to the brain metastases discovered last spring. This is at Dr G's office, where they will also draw blood to test my tumor markers.

On Thursday I see Dr G, who will give me the results of the brain MRI, the labs, and hopefully the FDG PET scan (assuming SCCA gets him the report in time. I asked for them to fax it but you never know...).

In the middle of all this I'm also going to the dentist for a regular check up. It's a week of doctors, even more so than usual.

The final FES PET scan is next Monday, and I see Dr Gadi next Wednesday for the final, final report on if I am eligible to continue with the trial protocol.

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  1. Good luck with everything. Always enjoy reading your posts. A volunteer course for theatre ushers - how fascinating! We don't have such a thing in South Africa. Oh, we have theatre ushers but they are not volunteers.