April 09, 2012

Passover continues

We had two great seders this weekend! The one we hosted was filled with laughter, singing and lively conversation. The one we attended was remarkably similar, only with more people.

I try to do something new and different for each seder. This year we featured the dress-up seder. Everyone either wore a costume or put on a headdress for this group photo. As you can see, Moses, Aaron, Pharoah's daughter (and his son-in-law), Miriam, midwives Shifra and Puah, some other random Egyptians and Israelites all attended -- plus a camep appearance by the Fonz -- standing in as the wicked son. Two of the three dogs present actually made it into the photo, with Cody in a basket as baby Moses. K brought an oud and accompanied much of the singing, while the rest of us played  tambourines and other rhythm instruments.

On other fronts, the weather has been beautiful and so warm Seattle broke the record on Sunday. I was able to work in the garden yesterday and today. Now the entire strawberry bed is weed-free, at some cost to my lower back. A friend planted a new grape vine for us last week, which we water religiously every day. I also planted some pansies to encourage spring to continue flourishing.

It's supposed to rain again. I'll just have to bake some Passover cookies to cheer us up!

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  1. fun and pretty picture. i so cannot wait to start gardening, but just to cold lately here in wisconsin.