April 11, 2012

Feeling pretty good

I'm ending week four of six on Femara as part of this clinical trial and have felt pretty good throughout. I have enough energy to get through a regular day consisting of walking the dog; at least one trip outside the house, sometimes two; preparing dinner;  heading out again some nights for an evening meeting or choir rehearsal.

Over Seattle's recent couple of sunny days, I've also been able to pull weeds in the garden for an hour or so at a time. This has an effect of increasing my lymphedema, but I've been able to keep it under some control with tight bandaging at night.

The neuropathy in my feet continues to bother me although it too is somewhat improved. My toes and the ball of my left foot are still numb and painful. Walking and standing are uncomfortable but as they're also necessary parts of life, I walk and stand as needed and sit when I can.

My hair has grown enough that I actually need a second haircut. My hair was trimmed nine weeks ago for the first time as it grew in post-chemo. It didn't grow back curly, but wavy enough (my usual) to need a whacking back. No bangs yet -- my hair in front is still very short. But this is much better than being bald!

All in all, I am enjoying a very reasonable quality of life on this clinical trial. In two weeks I will have the third round of scans, tumor markers taken, a brain scan (required follow up after last year's brain metastases treatment with gamma knife radiotherapy), and visits with both Dr G and Dr Gadi. Let's hope that all results indicate that the trial is a success and I should continue on this protocol.

Throwing the frogs (part of the ten plagues at our seder)

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    You look great.

    This is a wonderful post.