December 16, 2009

And the orthopod says...

Today I saw Dr. Daniel Flugstad, the orthopedic surgeon who pinned rods into both my femurs in 2002. This is a follow up from the recent bone scan that shows new metastatic cancer active in my right intertrochanteric femur and in the spine at T8 and T9.

After looking at the bone scan images and report, and a new x-ray taken just before my appointment, Dr. F says he would not recommend any surgery. The rods he pinned in 2002 are still providing good support and my legs are at no risk for a fracture. I guess my spine isn't either, because he didn't recommend surgery there.

He told me very sweetly that he thinks of me every so often and was glad to see me doing so well. I told him that thanks to him I dance, I walk the dogs, and I carry on. He smiled and wrote on my chart: "dances, walks, carries on."

Now the hand-off goes back to Dr. G (Seattle's smartest oncologist) to determine any next steps. I see him next week.


  1. When my kids are all together, there is a lot of carrying on. I suppose that this is not the same kind of carrying on that you do...

  2. Such a brave soul you are! Carry on and dance, dear one!