July 24, 2009

Wandering Jews again

Tonight we head back to Wedgwood to house sit for our neighbors. At least we will be closer to home at this location! It sure beats driving there every day to check on the remodel status, water plants, etc.

We spent most of the day running bathroom-oriented errands. First we went to NW Shower Door and chose a panel-door-panel configuration with a "C"-shaped handle in clear glass. Then we stopped for a quick lunch at the Shanty Cafe (reviews here). When I first moved to Seattle I lived on the west slope of Queen Anne hill and on the days my car needed an oil change, tire rotation etc. I would have breakfast at the Shanty. It's still good and was PACKED when we arrived just before 1 PM.

Then it was off to Builder's Hardware & Supply Company to choose a doorknob and hinges. They appear to have what seems to be every hinge, door knob, house number and decorative drawer pull known to mankind.

Last, we drove to Daly's Paint to match the color on the old door hinges so all three hall doors will be the same color, and to pick up small samples of the paint colors we chose. They are a reddish brown for the soffits, sea green for the walls above the shower tiles and ceiling, and cream for the remaining walls. (Just not the same cream as the current doors and trim.) Once the sheet rock has been primed, we will be able to test the paint colors to be sure they are the shades we want. Such a convenience for only a few dollars!

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  1. So glad I found you today!!!!! I took some time to read back over older posts, and feel I've gotten to know you a little bit today! I'll be praying for a good report on your MRI! You've been through so much already. I've just finished with my treatments for breast cancer, etc. Your courage and strength are amazing to me and such an encouragement! Thank you for that!