July 19, 2009

Exercise today!

I got more exercise today than I have had since my hospital discharge in May. Yes, I walk the dogs every day, and pick the fruits of our garden, water the plants etc. But today I walked the two miles around Seattle's Greenlake with nary a twitch of discomfort. (The fact that I had premedicated with half of a vicodin may have had something to do with it.)

I brought Bob the Cavalier along and he panted a lot in the heat but seemed to enjoy the unusually long walk.

We joined friends for a yummy Chinese dinner at our favorite place, Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City Way. Only the best Chinese food outside of the International District! I think they are trying to improve their service, which has always been spotty at best. We were asked to complete a brief survey. And the waiters were terrific about bringing each dish piping hot from the kitchen as it was ready. We had vegetarian spare ribs (made with taro, I think), vegetarian hot and sour soup, tea smoked duck, moo shu beef, sauteed green beans, green onion pancake, and handmade noodles. It was all delicious and fed eight people for under $75, with a small amount of leftovers to bring home for our hosts' daughter. Yum!

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  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    For Seattle readers: I ate at Chiang’s Gourmet up until I got food poisoning a half-year after my mother and sister-in-law got the same. It was after two of their most recent inspections showed the violation of pooled eggs not stored at correct temperatures. The only difference in what my partner and I ate was that I had a dish that contained pooled eggs. These violations (perhaps four years ago) do not show on the current on-line report; apparently S/KC Public Health does not keep the reports on-line indefinitely.

    (Pooled eggs = eggs that are out of shell, slightly scrambled and ready to drop into any dish that requires them. I.e., pooled into one bowl.)

    You can search for restaurant inspections on-line at http://www.decadeonline.com/main.phtml?agency=skc for any restaurant in King County, WA. Highly recommended for people with compromised immune systems. (Sorry, I don’t know how to do links.)

    - bjohanna