July 10, 2009

Sorry no photos

While we are the wandering Jews in Northgate (until next Friday), I'm unable to post photos of the bathroom remodel. The computer we are using this week and next doesn't have iPhoto or Photoshop, so you will just have to imagine that the sheetrock is going in today, the electric outlet boxes are all in place, including the one in the medicine cabinet, and that all will be ready for the tiler on Monday. Assuming the tile arrives today as planned.....

It's been lots of fun to watch the behind-the-scenes part of the remodel. As I told E the project manager, who has done all the work so far himself, he gets to see this stuff all the time, but most of us can barely imagine what things look like under the painted walls.

We've been fortunate so far that there were no yucky surprises other than some ants. A good bug bombing appears to have taken care of them.

I will post more photos when I can.

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  1. It will be nice to see the finished result x