June 18, 2009

dogs Dogs DOGS

I am so in love with my dogs that I had to post these two photos Rik took last night.

Pumpkin is the regal cocker spaniel.

Bob likes to sleep with his chin on a pillow.

They are the bestest dogs ever!


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    DoGs aRe a RefLeCTioN oF theiR MaSTeR

  2. Keep posting about dogs! Last night I found one of my friends and customers on face book and I was in floods of tears because I miss them so much! I love my dogs too. My first dog Bobbi, got me through infertiliy, fertility treatment, a miscarriage, and the birth of my son. Yep, while I was trying to take the pain away in the bath, she kept throwing me the ball! I dropped her off at my mums at 2am and Joe was born half an hour later. My labours only lasted 2 1/2 hours very painful but quick! Bob sat with me those nights of feeding she broke my heart when she died of leukemia aged just 5.