June 14, 2009

Beaching it

We spent a lovely but short weekend at Copalis Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Friends had invited us up to stay the weekend at their beach house. It's a wonderful A-frame cabin with a sleeping loft and bathroom, basement bedroom, and main floor eating/hanging area, bedroom and bathroom. The house is in the woods and you walk down stairs built in to the bluff to get to the beach.

We left on Friday afternoon and fought traffic in three cities (Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia). It took us three hours to get to the turnoff for the beaches! But from there on it was an easy ride. We brought both dogs and I think Bob was afraid we were going to leave him at the beach. He hyperventilated for an hour Friday night after we went to sleep and finally I had to get up and take him into the living room, where we cuddled up on an easy chair under a blanket and slept until it got light. Then we were able to get back into bed. The things I do for my dogs!

Our friends are very dog-friendly and our dogs got along very well with their two Cavaliers. Their Blenheim is colored just like Bob and is about the same size, so it was occasionally hard to tell them apart. Their tricolor is much smaller and brown, black and white. Both are very easy going dogs who LOVED romping on the beach.

These may even have taught Bob how to play! He really enjoyed running along the beach, and Pumpkin did a good job of keeping up with the three younger dogs.

We ate, we napped, we frolicked on the beach, we read books, drank a gin and tonic and watched a movie ("Bolt" -- what else would you watch with four dog lovers and four dogs?).

For the piece de la resistance, I took Rik to the Ocean Crest Resort, our favorite restaurant in the area, for a wonderful birthday breakfast of eggs Benedict (his with crab, mine with smoked salmon, and he gave me his side of Hollandaise sauce). The drive home was nothing much.

It was a most relaxing weekend!


  1. I loved this post, havent stopped smiling yet! Cavaliers are wonderful dogs, my favourite customer is a Blenheim called Chester and I adore him, missing him like crazy.

  2. I bet the ride home was quiet, in a satisfied, 'wasn't that fun' sort of way. And in these strange times, little blocks of peaceful bliss are to be cherished.

  3. The dogs are beautiful.