June 29, 2009

Bathroom remodel begins today

I got up at 6:15 this morning to be ready for the bathroom demolition crew when they arrive at 7:30. How do people start their work day so early?!

Everything that was in the bathroom has been moved out -- stuff we use but not on a daily basis, stuff we will donate, and the few things we use every day. After I take my shower I'll move the last few items into our suitcases, hang the wet towels in the bedroom, and pack up the bed linens for our move to temporary housing with friends.

In addition to bringing bedding, I have to empty the refrigerator of perishables and cart over any produce, open bags of cereal, etc. Plus the dogs and their stuff, including dog beds. It's like getting ready for vacation except that we'll be back every day to get the mail and check on the remodel.


  1. It will be great when its finished, promise to share the pictures with us on your blog x

  2. And where, might I ask, are you finding all this energy? Could you share your secret? I'm lucky to open the refrigerator, much less empty it out:) You are inspiring!!