April 12, 2008

Reunion Day Two

SATURDAY: We eat a big breakfast at EJ's Luncheonette (yummy eggs benedict with smoked salmon, truly terrible NYC dishwater coffee), then wait for others to decide what they're doing.

No one can make a decision, so G and I take a long walk through Central Park, head downtown on Fifth Avenue to window shop, and end up at the Museum of Modern Art. We see the entire museum in detail and I realize that I have never actually been here before.

We walk past Rockefeller Center where the ice skaters are doing their thing even though it's over 65 degrees and sunny. Stop at La Maison du Chocolat to buy truffles to eat now and a chocolate bar for Rik, then head over to Broadway for a late lunch at Brasserie Maison. Refueled with a cheese plate, crepes, salad and finally some good coffee, we now have the energy to walk uptown to the hotel on W 81st, where we crash briefly, then dress for the party. We have walked more than 60 blocks and I have a blister the size of New Jersey on my little toe.

SATURDAY NIGHT: The big reunion party takes place at a club called Havana Central at the West End. It's unbelievably loud and crowded with diners, salsa dancers, and more than fifty Year Course-niks. It's fun for a while (I am revved up by a martini) but at some point too much so I call my friend H to come rescue me. H and I have known each other since 1979. We walk to a cafe, I have some french onion soup and chamomile tea, and at 1:30 am back in the hotel. G comes in after both the party and the after-party have ended at around 3 AM.

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