April 16, 2008


No, I wasn't sitting at the counter at Schrafft's having a milk shake, but yes, I have been discovered. Or rather, my blog has been discovered.

This morning I took a call from Sharsheret, the organization for young Jewish women with breast cancer. They want to use the Passover post I wrote last year in their annual Passover greeting card. I was of course flattered and honored.

Sharsheret (meaning "chain") links young Jewish women who have breast cancer. I've been affiliated with it for a few years and have been a telephone buddy or "link" to other young women with metastatic disease.

This is the second time this month that a random person has found my blog through a search engine that seeks out the best of the net. The other one found me on Blogged.com (find better blogs), where my blog was rated third out of 96 breast cancer blogs and 9.4/excellent out of a possible 10.

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