April 12, 2008

Reunion Day One

I was in the Big Apple last week at the Young Judaea Year Course reunion and visiting a friend. Here's the recap:

FRIDAY: Take the bus from south Jersey to Manhattan. Sit in so much traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel that I risk missing the first reunion event! Finally arrive at Port Authority almost two hours late, grab a cab uptown to the Hotel Excelsior. Quick hello to my friend G (we're rooming together), shower, dress and down to the lobby to meet the Year Course-niks.

Do I recognize anyone? No! It slowly dawns on me that because I actually was on another program called Machon leMadrichei Chutz la'Aretz (Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad) and not Year Course, these people aren't really my people. I recognize some folks from camp and high school Young Judaea and have a good time at dinner. We stay up late looking at photos and scrapbooks. I poop out around midnight; G stays up later. These are definitely her people!

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