March 05, 2008

News about Dad

I find my dad surprisingly well for a man who has been bedbound for about two weeks.

At the end of last week he transferred from hospital to a skilled nursing facility. Yesterday and today he participated in both physical and occupational therapy in the PT room (not in his room), so he had to be up, dressed, and in a wheelchair for each session. Although he was quite cranky and refused to do much, he was able to stand (assisted) and do some stretching exercises. He also took an interest in what was going on around him and in watching televsion. Believe it or not, watching TV is a positive sign from someone who has been sleeping around the clock.

He lost one hearing aid and is having trouble hearing people, so it's tough to hold a conversation. On the other hand, he made several jokes and tried to help me do the crossword puzzle. His mind is all there even if his body is failing him. Although he isn't eating much, he still has a taste for dessert, making him a true Cohen.

I'm sure the procrit shot he had helped tremendously. Or was it the tonic of seeing the number-one daughter? Nah, probably the procrit.

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