March 31, 2008

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

It's been cold and blustery this month in Seattle, with actual snow on the ground last Friday amid blooming spring flowers (as seen in this photo by Ken Lambert of the Seattle Times ). I personally can hardly wait for warmer temperatures and not having to wear wool sweaters.

Dad is still holding on. I hear he's lost a lot of weight but continues to have an appetite. Evidently dessert never loses it's appeal! The new hearing aid should make a difference in his quality of life as well.

Rik is on spring break and we are just back from a Costco run complete with yummy Polish hot dogs. At only $1.50, it's the cheapest lunch date in town. This visit's special treats were dried Montmorency cherries and Marcona almonds -- delish!


  1. I love Costco products -
    and that Hotdog (or Polish dog) special is the bomb!!!

    I also like their coffee :)
    I am thankful they are in Huntsville, AL.

  2. I suppose I should not complain then. In Indy we only had a slight cold snap, 45 degrees. None of that white stuff. I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for spring and 70 degree weather.

    Have a good day,