February 22, 2008

We're cookin' now!

Earlier this week Rik and I bought a new range for the kitchen. The oven on the old one was failing. In recent weeks cakes came out underbaked in the center, as though they had been baked in a tube pan -- the center just fell out! Challah was still raw inside. So I did a little research and off we trouped to Almvigs. These are the people who sold us the dishwasher last summer, a local store with terrific customer service.

The sales help listened carefully to what we wanted and steered us to a GE Cafe gas range. I had been looking at another model, but this one has everything I wanted: 5 burners with the center doubling as a griddle; convection upper oven, full lower oven (not just a warming drawer) located on the bottom; controls in the front so you don't have to reach over a hot range to adjust the temperature, and nice overall design. The large oven is on top so you don't break your back lifting the Thanksgiving turkey up from the floor. We bought it.

Today Roy the installer put in the new hood over the range so we would have ventilation through the attic and to the outdoors. Matt ran a gas line from the basement up through the kitchen floor. Bill the delivery man shlepped in the range, and Roy finished the installation. It looks great, all the burners work well, and the oven is properly calibrated. All the workers were competent and thorough as well as pleasant people.

Rik looks forward to eating many delicious meals prepared on the new range. Let's see, what shall I make first? Perhaps biscotti....

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