February 12, 2008

PET/CT results

Today I saw my oncologist for the first time in three months. After catching up with each other, he reviewed the somewhat mixed results of last week's PET/CT scan with me.

There was improvement in the lesions that were of most concern last time, namely in the sternum and on the spine at at T12. This is particularly good news because T12 is so close to the spinal cord. More good news is that there is no other site of metastatic disease.

However, there is increased activity in the iliac bone (in the pelvis) and in the sacrum (lower back). Since these are not weight bearing bones and don't have the potential to cause spinal problems, Dr. G decided not to change my treatment at this point. I will continue on tamoxifen daily and zometa monthly to strengthen my bones.

As he says, "the trade-off in the PET scan is good! The involved bones are neither weight-bearing nor dangerous. The improvement in the spine is welcome(d)."

I'll have another bone scan in April or May, after Passover.

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  1. That is good news! You are such a trooper, Jill!