February 15, 2008

Disability review

Every year or so, Social Security checks to make sure that I am still disabled. They send a multiple page form for me and my doctor to complete. Then they decide that yes, I still have metastatic breast cancer, and yes, I am still disabled. I have been through this process at least twice, maybe three times, in the last five years.

At 8:09 AM today, I received a call from the disability case worker. The government gets up earlier than I do! Barely coherent after a middle of the night bout with insomnia, I confirmed that I had recently had a PET/CT scan and that the results were available. So I guess that after Seattle Radiologists confirms my evidence of metastases, SSD will determine that I am still eligible for benefits.

I worked full-time for 19 years and also paid into the system for part-time work while in high school and college. I am thankful that this cushion is here for me. Alevai that it should still be available when Rik is eligible for regular Social Security benefits when he reaches age 621/2 in 2022!

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