June 05, 2007

sing Sing SING

It was a week followed by a whole weekend of singing --

Tuesday: rehearse with gajdas
Wednesday: rehearse with Dunava
Thursday: rehearse with band and boys
Friday: talk tech for Sunday's venue
Saturday afternoon: blocking and more rehearsal
Saturday night: Concert! (Party afterwards.)
Sunday: Sound check and concert at Benaroya Hall.

I had a little voice left on Monday, but not much.

The Saturday night concert, Dunava's first full-length show, was evidently a big success. About 150 people came to hear us sing at a terrific church venue north of Seattle. No mics needed here! Dave and the Dalmatians and tamburitza band Zlatne Strune opened for us. Kapa Gajda (3 bagpipe players and a tupan player) joined us for a special set of Rhodope music. Yes, evidently nine women can outsing 3 bagpipes! Dave & Dawgs and ZS then joined us for a rousing rendition of Emil Cossetto's Ladarke, a huge Croatian choral piece.

Sunday's gig was part of the Seattle Symphony's Central Europe Music Festival. About 25 people came to hear us at the Nordstrom Recital Hall.

If I am able to, I will post an audio file so you can hear us sing. Otherwise you can check out some older audio clips (and alot of photos!) on Dunava's My Space page.

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