June 08, 2007

The Breast Cancer Site

If The Breast Cancer Site receives 6 million clicks this month, their premiere sponsor will donate $20,000 for more free mammograms. Today they are at 17% of goal.

I click here every day. It’s a fast, easy way for the average person to take advocacy action and tell corporate America to provide funding for mammograms.

From the site:

“In just a few seconds each day, visitors can click on the pink "Fund Free Mammograms" button on the home page and, at no cost to them, help fund a free mammogram for a woman in need. The mammograms are paid for by The Breast Cancer Site's sponsors and distributed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners.

The Breast Cancer Site was founded on October 23, 2000. Since that day, tens of millions of site visitors have given more than 16,000 mammograms to women in need via a simple and free daily click!”

But be warned – it’s a very "pink" site, with lots of merchandise for sale, and they don’t say what percentage of any purchase actually benefits free mammograms for women in need.

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