April 27, 2007

Pumpkin has cancer too

When we rescued Pumpkin three years ago, he came with a bow in his hair -- and a lump the size of a golf ball on his left front leg. We had it removed and the vet confirmed it was a malignant sarcoma. Yes, both Pumpkin and I have cancer! However, this kind of sarcoma is not likely to spread, but it does return.

It came back almost exactly a year later; we had it removed again. Now, two years later, it's back yet once more. So yesterday Pumpkin had surgery again.

The vet says he can continue to remove the sarcoma should it recur again (as it most likely will). Some day, we will face the likelihood that there is no longer enough tissue remaining to support his leg, and then the answer will be amputation.

The vet also says dogs are born with thee legs and a spare. On Wednesday I saw a three-legged dog walking his person (literally -- the dog was leading). And when I picked Pumpkin up after yesterday's procedure, I met a dog who just had a leg amputated after being hit by a car.

Pumpkin will wear the bandage for 5-7 days. Can't get it wet, so he wears a "mediboot" when he goes outside.

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  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    I have some friends with a yellow lab that recently had to have a front leg amputated due to cancer. "Maggie" is going just great, though she runs for cover whenever she hears the vet's voice.