November 29, 2015


I really don't have anything interesting to say about Thanksgiving. You'd think I would, but it seems maudlin to talk about why am I still alive after watching so many friends die of their cancers. So I'm turning over this post to my wonderful husband Rik, who wrote it November 22, 2015 on his Facebook page.

Why I am grateful this Thanksgiving.
Great article from the New York Times today brought it all home. Adding some personal reasons too!
Grateful for Jill being in my life for 21 plus years, and her having the best team of medical care in the world over the last 16 years to manage her Breast Cancer and mets disease, but particularly the last month as she has been hospitalized with two infections, continued chemo, almost finished radiation on four spots and successfully managed Gamma Knife to her brain.
Also grateful for the support of my community of friends, neighbors, and synagogue members who have brought us meals, rides for Jill, company, and of course my colleagues at Roosevelt High for all the support in rides, hugs, good wishes, coffee, coverage of classes for me when needed, and giving me lots of slack, and my students who always are wonderful caring human beings who get that school assignments are not the most important things in life.
See attached photos for Jill in action making the cancer go away!
Jill wears the full gamma knife gear

"What, no second breakfast?!"

And at the conclusion of radiation to four separate spots. That face mask was awful and didn't even look like her.


  1. How are you? Update when you can.

  2. Rik is such a doll. Love this & you! Hope you are doing well. :)

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