November 03, 2015

On to November

Pinktober has ended and I personally am glad. Although I figured out the best way as a metster to "celebrate" it (by spending time in the hospital), I am so glad that the end of pink products and pink washing may be over. To learn more about pink washing, go to Think Before You Pink.

A friend told me on Saturday that it may take a week to recover for each day inpatient. Since I was at Swedish for six days, I am going to try to take things easy this month.

Last week I saw the brain radiation oncologist and she says she can treat my multiple brain mets with gamma knife radio surgery. She did this once before when I had only four bran mets. Now I have more than twenty but she is confident.

Today I see the radiation oncologist. Tomorrow I see the orthopedist, just in case something in my shoulder might break. I have a new met(s) there, and on my lowest right rib. I don't want to risk a fracture when I turn over while sleeping or other such event.

Today's rad onc will look at the left shoulder, right rib, enlarged lymph node on my neck and my two skin mets. I hope he can treat them all since I am so tired of complaining about the last three items for months and not really being heard.

When I have more to report I will check in. I might wait until I know about everything.

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