August 14, 2015

Latest brain MRI results

I had a brain MRI last week or so and Dr G called me today to review the results. Things are worse. I have new mets, some larger mets, some smaller mets.  He told me things are not so hot in my cerebrum and cerebellum, although he did mention that all my years of dancing are helping my cerebellum stay healthier, if that's the proper word.

This is hard news to swallow. The good side is that the Taxol might reduce these mets, and put off having to have whole brain radiation. This is a procedure Dr G has always told me might make me "stupid." He only mentioned it as a possibility but of course I think I'm smarter than the average bear and losing some of that freaks me out.

Rik spoke to Dr G on Tuesdsy during my chemo and confirmed that in his opinion I'm improving, am more focused, since starting Taxol. That makes me feel better. Who knows me best but my husband?

Nonetheless I'm spending the day in bed and on the sofa, sleeping, reading, cuddling dogs and listening to a huge thundershower. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to more activity as I wrap my head around more brain mets.


  1. Oh, Jill, I will repeat what a doctor once said to me when I found an enlarged lymph node, "Well, crap!"
    ... stupid cancer.

  2. Hang in there, Jill.