July 06, 2015

Update from Dr G

Rik and I saw Dr G last week. He wants to retest my lungs with another CT to make sure my pneumonia has ended. Also I think he wants to me take a blood test for pneumonia markers. We even talked about the possibility of the pneumonia vaccine to prevent another month like this.

As far as treatment goes, we have several options --

  • Pembrolizumab trial (If I qualify. Usually they want someone with fewer pre-treatments and bone-only mets.)
  • Testing my tumor for micro satellite instability (this is the very newest treatment)
  • Choice of chemo: Taxol (paclitaxel, which I had one time, a few years ago), Ixempra (ixabepilone), or Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide, which I had during my original early stage cancer 16 years ago)

He wants to incorporate neuroprotective medicines. I'm not sure which meds he means, but the idea is to prevent further neuropathy in my feet and hands.

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  1. Maybe he is talking about Gabapentin? I took Gabapentin when I had Taxol years ago because my neuropathy was horribly painful. I am not sure if it protected me, but the damage wasn't permanent. My neuropathy from Taxotere is starting to get up there (I should get back on Gabapentin! It didn't have many side effects for me). Hope you start feeling better soon!