July 14, 2015

The latest treatment idea

I saw Dr G yesterday and we discussed a number of things.

My pneumonia is resolving. Yay! Evidently the pneumonia vaccine I received in 2013 didn't cover this strain, but it's too soon for me to receive another vaccine.

He had my tumor tested for the androgen receptor and the result came back positive. He'll contact Dr Julie Gralow, a local, renowned breast cancer expert, to review the result with her, and if she approves, I'll start bicalutamide (Casodex). Although this drug is usually given to men with prostate cancer, it might be effective for me.

Dr G also had my tumor tested for micro satellite instability. The results showed the tumor is stable, which you would think would be the "right" response. But this means the newest therapies might not work for me and I would not be eligible for such clinical trials. It might be worthwhile to re-test my tumor for ER/PR status. If it's changed to triple negative, which isn't too likely in my opinion, it might change my eligibility for said trials.

If Dr Gralow does not recommend bicalutamide, I will start Taxol in a little over two weeks (or, as Dr G puts it, after Tisha b'Av). I wouldn't say he's exactly superstitious, but it makes a certain kind of sense not to start new chemo during the lead up to a major Jewish fast day.


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  2. A targeted trial! Hope it does amazing things. Glad to hear the pneumonia is clearing up. You have been sick for quite a bit. You need to be able to get out and enjoy that Seattle summer/sunshine. xxoo