June 12, 2015

No it's not pneumonia

But the closest thing possible. I've just well enough to stay home and not be admitted to the hospital, where of course I could pick up all sorts of bugs no matter how clean everything they keep it.

So I continue to honk, cough, and blow incredible amounts of snot out of my nose. I'm on the second antibiotic, this one especially for pneumonia, and I do feel some better already.

Thank God for A, H, and R, who have been walking the dogs while Rik was away. I am taking two of  them out for lunch now and the third has a tbd date. And thanks to all those who gave me rides, brought food, and came to visit during these past few weeks of chemo recovery and what turned out to be not quite pneumonia. You know who you are and I bow at your feet. And will always, as science fiction author Robert A Heinlein originally taught us, pay it forward.

Onward to lunch - or in my case, brunch. And COFFEE!

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