January 29, 2015

Visualize white blood cells

My white blood cells from Monday's lab draw were too low to permit me to have chemo on Tuesday. I've been caught between too much energy and things to do; fatigue after being too active; napping for two hours or longer every afternoon; and more insomnia at night.

Which is why I'm typing at 11:18 pm.

I go back to Dr G's  office for labs tomorrow and then we'll see what he orders in the way of treatment.

In the meanwhile it's supposed to be sunny and warm(er) again in Seattle, so Rik and I will run some fun errands at the Pike Place Market. I have a craving for sumac, which I can only find at Market Spice, and there's a new gelato place I hear I must try. It's a date day!

This is the toy white blood cell I received as a gift.
Now you know what to visualize.


  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Which of your treatments where most difficult/tough? I appreciates very much if you answer this question.

  2. I love your toy blood cell. We all should have a spare.

  3. It's difficult to say which treatments were hardest after 12+ years of chemo etc. Doxil probably had the most side effects.