October 22, 2014


The interventional radiology PA says my neck looks improved. I will see Nurse Jacque this Friday so she can access my port before my CT scan and MRI. She can check (and maybe Dr G too, although he doesn't officially see patients on Fridays). He will give me the scan results next Monday, so I'll have another few days to see if the port line continues to look better after I finish the antibiotic.

PPS My blood pressure has been high since Monday a week ago with my most recent dose of Avastin. Dr G now says that since my BP hasn't gone down very far, it will also be my last dose of Avastin. I've had a long run with that drug, it's helped, but eventually things do stop working.

I think they call it entropy.    : )


  1. Hi Jill.
    Sorry to hear about the infection but glad to know its getting better.
    how many more rounds of chemo do you have?
    Sending you love, light and lots of energy thoughts your way.

  2. Hi Jill - I've been thinking about you so much this past week for some reason. I hope all is well with you and your family. You had such an amazing summer/early fall that I bet you're catching up on some much needed rest. I hope whatever comes after Avastin works great with few side effects.