July 20, 2014

On the bus

We're driving now from Burgas to Khotel (no not the Wall in Jerusalem). 

Yesterday we left Varna. I enjoyed a walk on the beach while the others were singing for BG tv. I can't sing soprano at 9 am!

The long afternoon drive was broken by a surprise lunch at a family home. The owners were so welcoming to us and fed us a lovely traditional meal. Read more from Ramona on Dunblog (http://www.dunavlog.blogspot.com). 

I learned that the evening performance was late and dinner would be even later in a town 45 minutes drive away.  So J and I stayed in Burgas. I had excellent pizza for dinner and got a good night's sleep. 


  1. you look so happy and so beautiful! I pray your performance be blessed

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I admire you for traveling all the way to Bulgaria. I am European myself living in North America ,and do not have courage to travel there with my liver mets . I have been to Bulgaria in 1974. Beautiful country ,but was quite poor when I was there. Great hospitality.You are so strong. Keep going, You are an inspiration for many of us.