July 21, 2014

Music school

Yesterday we arrived at the music high school T attended. It's in the mountains of Kotel, a small village in the foothills. 

After we arrived I was exhausted from the earlier part of the day: shopping, lunch in an outdoor cafe and hot, hot sun. A shower and short nap helped and I was able to attend the group lesson. We learned a really beautiful "Happy Song."  

Our driver had a mandated 24hour break, so most of walked down the winding road to a lovely restaurant. We sat outdoors by a waterfall. A delightful setting. Sadly the menu was confusing. 

M thought she ordered sea scallops, French fries and hot tea. What she got was a bottle of cold iced tea, Saratoga-style potato chips (cut thin and fried but with a soft potato center) and pork scallopiini. But we laughed it off and it made a funny photo. 

We returned late, after midnight, and I barely woke up in time for coffee and the special Kotel bread - so yummy! Then I had a private lesson with one of the singers working with Dunava.

Lunch is in an hour and I am going to nap until then. 

J and I at a scenic view near Kotel

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