January 14, 2014

Post-cataract surgery

Yesterday I had the cataract surgery on my left eye. Dr M corrected it to 20/25 for distance. I still can't read or see up close without "cheater" glasses but having mid-range and distance vision without glasses or contact lenses is amazing!

I first started wearing glasses at a young age. Neither my mother nor I can remember how young, but definitely before third grade, when we left New York for Cincinnati. My whole life I have wanted to see the alarm clock without first reaching for my glasses, and now I can!

The right eye surgery is scheduled for five weeks from now. I need to have another round of Xeloda (that's two weeks), plus three weeks off chemo, making five weeks total. I am supposed to start the Xeloda again on Sunday but will know for certain after I speak to Dr G at this week's appointment.

Meanwhile I have cheaters, I am cleared to drive while wearing the right contact lens, and I love not having to wear glasses again!


  1. That must be a wonderful experience, finally being able to see so much without glasse!

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  3. Won't your next haircut be fun! You'll be able to see during the cutting. I would love that. ~Kate, of Kate Has Cancer

  4. Great post! Been reading a lot about this surgery. Thanks for the info here!

  5. My dad is scheduled to for cataract surgery by an Arizona eye doctor. I heard they are the best, but I still can't help but be nervous for my dad. Somehow, reading this relieved my anxiety a bit. I hope you continue to inspire others. I look forward to reading more of your future posts.

  6. Thanks for this post! I've been wondering about this a lot lately. Keep up the awesome work on this blog!