April 09, 2013

Tumor markers down

The third (and slightly reduced) cycle of Xeloda appears to have worked. My tumor markers went down about 60 points. I'll have a CT scan in a week or so and we'll see what that says about liver mets.

Although I am now on the "off" week, I'm still fatigued and have had diarrhea the past two days. Still, this is nothing like what I went through in the second cycle. I gave myself the pleasure of a day off today to do household stuff (ironed 12 shirts!), catching up on some TV meanwhile, and read a bit. I also took what seems to have become my daily nap.

Every afternoon between 3 and 4 PM, my body says to me, "Sleep....Sleep..." So I am taking my own advice and getting a daily nap.

The hand-foot syndrome bothers me but staying off my feet today seems to have helped. Plus wearing these UGG slippers with the fleece lining makes a difference over regular shoes, even with the fancy lined socks. I swear I'd wear them out of the house if it wouldn't look so dorky and if it wasn't still so cold here that my ankles would freeze.


  1. I love those fleeced socks. I have restless leg syndrome and if my feet are warm the shaking is less. I would wear them everywhere too...
    I hope you are feeling better, so glad to hear your markers are down...
    Love Alli Xx

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    oh my goodness. ironing 12 shirts!!?? anyone would be exhausted but with all you are going through, that would be rough. so glad to read your markers are down.

  3. So glad the markers are going in the right direction. Good thing you're taking the time to nap...

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I always swore I'd never buy Ugg boots. . . but when I was on Xeloda, I got a pair and wore them all the time! I even had a pair of Ugg slippers that I wore if I was just going out to run errands. It's seattle, you can wear pajamas and ugly shoes out to the grocery store and no one will notice!
    I also had the daily nap on Xeloda. Glad you are listening to what your body needs. I bet Bob is more than willing to nap with you :-)

  5. I see you are still fighting the fight. On Saturday we are going back to Swedish Oncology ward to dedicate the exercise bicycle that Donald had installed there. It took almost a year for it to happen, but there is one in the pediatrics ward too. THanks for being Donald's friend.
    best to you.

    1. Mimi, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing the news that Donald's bikes are now up and running for patients to use. It's truly a great memorial to his love of cycling and his tenacious spirit.