April 25, 2013

Scan stable/improved

My recent CT scan shows improved and stable disease in my liver - yay! There is some concern about my bones, especially since my rib fractured just before we went to Hawai'i. I will see my orthopedist tomorrow and get his opinion on what to do about the fracture, if I should go back on a bisphosphonate, and whether we would get more information from a bone scan.

Dr G is going to talk with both Dr Flugstad and Dr Winston, my specialty dentist, about the potential impact of Aredia on my jaw. The oldest of the bisphosphonates and actually the least powerful (we looked it up today), Aredia might be a good choice, but all the docs have to weigh in.

More news tomorrow!


  1. I like that news. I'm glad you had fun in Hawai'i.

  2. Stable is good. It's my new mantra. I wish you success with the biphosphiates. ~Kate, of Kate Has Cancer (oops, I can't edit biphosphonates)

  3. Good news, glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing.