November 05, 2012

I was so BORED

Yesterday I was so bored I thought I'd drive myself crazy. I wanted to be prepared for a post-steroid crash, similar to what happened with the first dose of eribulin, so I cancelled our volunteer shift at a local theatre. But I didn't schedule anything to replace it, and I made myself stir crazy with boredom.

I couldn't concentrate on reading my book.
I couldn't nap.
There was nothing to watch on TV (except cooking shows and sports).
I didn't have enough energy to walk the dog.

What I should have done was call a friend or run an errand. Instead I did some laundry and emptied the dishwasher. It was most emphatically not enough.

On the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)*, I am pretty far on the extravert side of the scale. Not as far as Rik, but pretty far. That means I get my energy from being with people (unlike introverts, who get their energy from being alone). If I spend too much time alone, I get cranky. Yesterday I was supremely cranky. I didn't begin to feel better until I went to my voice lesson and my teacher D gave me tea, gingerbread and sympathy.

Of course, my feet hurt as well. The neuropathy has increased since last week's eribulin. It feels more intense, although it  doesn't seem to have spread beyond the current area at my toes.

Still, between the boredom and the neuropathy, I think I won a "prize" for crankiness. Thankfully my wonderful husband has tremendous patience. He put up with my bad mood, took me out to dinner and commiserated when nothing tasted right after a few bites. After we got home and I cuddled up in my pajamas, robe and blanket, I took some Ativan to get the edge off and Rik and Bobka the dog snuggled with me. Soon all was almost better.

* If you really want to know, I consistently test as an ENFJ on the MBTI.


  1. Sometimes, I am so glad that my husband understands my need to be quietly with a book. That is the sort of thing that helps MY crankiness immensely. I am consistantly an INFJ.

  2. Thank goodness for people understanding and not reacting badly to our moods. Last night I was flipping out on my husband, only to realize I was mid hot-flash (peeling back the bedsheets). Now I don't know if my mood was the annoyance or the hot flash - but at least my guy kept his calm. :) Catherine