November 15, 2012

Good news

The eribulin is clearly working. My CA 27.229 tumor marker fell by more than 100 points! This is exactly the kind of reaction Dr G and I hoped to see.

The next step will be to reduce the eribulin dose once more (to the lowest of the three options), because the neuropathy in my feet has increased dramatically. In the morning I now feel numb all along the toes, the balls of the feet, and the outside edges of each foot. (Previously I didn't have any symptoms in the morning.) By 4 PM I have that pins-and-needles feeling, which soon progresses to full numbness and more pain by evening. Hence Dr G wants to try reducing the dosage to see if the eribulin will still be as effective but less toxic. I agreed to try for one more cycle.

Also, today is my 53rd birthday. Rik bought me red roses, Bob snuggled with me, and I managed to do a little shopping. But what did I really do today? Go to the doctor and get good news!

I'm already looking forward to turning 54.....


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    found your blog a while ago and just wanted to say AWESOME. have a wonderful birthday

    Wonderful news for a special day! Wishing you a healthy year ahead filled with everything that makes you the happiest!
    Your friend on the rollercoaster,

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Happy Birthday and many more to come.I am sorry about your neuropathy. Have exactly the same problem ,and no more Abraxane for me. Was able to tolerate 8 cycles.

  4. Happy birthday. One year from today, I'll be back to wish you another.

  5. Such wonderful news! Happy birthday!! What a wonderful birthday celebration.

  6. Happy Birthday & I hope you have many more to celebrate! I'm in the same boat as you. I was diagnosed with stage 4 METS in Aug. 2012. They really need to find a CURE for us so we can life a regular life expectancy.