June 01, 2012

Good news and good news

Stable is always good news, so when Dr G told me yesterday that all my mets appeared stable, I was very pleased. "Gratifying" was the word he used. Then I read the report more carefully. The prior scan had indicated a new lung metastasis. The current scan? No lung met in sight, and the radiologist had access to the old report and images and knew where to look for things. So, good news!

Although my tumor markers had risen, Dr G also explained that it can take time for tumor markers to fall when starting a new therapy.

Then we looked at the brain scan and -- no brain mets! Can I say that any louder? NO BRAIN METS! This is when Dr G asked me if I had told Seattle Radiologists where I'd gotten my last scan. Yes I did, and they told me before I left the office that they'd already requested the images and report.

It seems clear that this combo (Afinitor+Aromasin+high dose Faslodex) is working well and has been very tolerable so far. I've had some side effects, but they haven't lasted long. Even the remaining mouth sore isn't too troublesome and hasn't interfered with my eating.

Good news indeed!


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    As a Stage 4 breast cancer fighter with mets to various areas, including the brain, let me say (no, let me yell out!) WAY TO GO!!!!!!! I am so very happy for you! It appears that your medication is working, along with help from God. I truly believe in miracles, and I believe you just received a few (more). Your post has made my day. I am just so thrilled this has happened to you!