July 23, 2007

Two Deaths

Yesterday I learned that my dear young friend E died last Sunday July 15. Her funeral was yesterday. Of course, since we were at the beach with no cell or internet access, I didn't know about any of this until we had returned home.

I am so sad that I missed the chance for one more visit with E, that we weren't able to mourn with her family and friends. E. had just turned 30, she was married with two small children.

Tonight I learned that another young friend, K., passed away last Tuesday July 17. Her funeral was today. Again, I didn't learn this until it had already happened. K. was 35, married with three young children.

A little cancer humor from another list: "for all those, who lost the skirmish , lost the war, but went to the better place. Must be a great place , nobody's has come back and complained about it."

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