July 23, 2007

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day

It rained for four of the seven days we were at the beach. We walked on the beach anyway and then sat in the hot tub.

We played Cranium for the first time. We played a 7-hour round of Monopoly, with breaks for baseball, beach walks and dinner when the rain let up.

We played Scrabble. (Rik earned 91 points by putting down SQUIRT – the S made a plural of another word, the Q landed on a double letter score and the whole word earned a triple word score.)

We played endless rounds of gin rummy and 8-5-3, Rik’s favorite three-handed card game. We watched a couple of movies, including John Wayne’s “McQ”. The closing scene was filmed at the beach north of Moclips and in front of the The Beach House where we stayed. I can hardly recommend it, but it does have some great footage of Seattle in the 1970's, enough to keep us entertained by guessing where each shot takes place.

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