March 27, 2007

Weekend retreat in Vegas

I am back from a weekend retreat in Las Vegas for young women with metastatic disease sponsored by the Young Survival Coalition. There were 20 of us, all with mets, but receiving different treatments. All of us were well enough to travel. (Several women were not able to attend because they did not have the strength to manage the air travel.)

It was nonstop talking, eating, strolling the Strip, more talking, more eating, learning some relaxation techniques, sitting by the pool and even a spa treatment. What I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to be with women who "get it" -- the realities of living with advanced cancer.

I arrived Thursday night just in time to see the news about Elizabeth Edwards' cancer recurring. Now we women with mets have a poster girl for our disease. I was struck by the Edwards' poise in relating this terrible news to the media. How much harder it must be to face one's worst possible cancer fear while under public scrutiny! Still, Mrs. Edwards' recurrence will raise the profile of metastatic breast cancer, or what I like to call the darker shade of pink.

I had a chance to speak with a reporter from People Magazine for a sidebar on their upcoming story on the Edwards. I promise to post with the link if I get mentioned!


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I am thrilled to have found your blog. I was diagnosed with mets last year. I will keep reading.


  2. Tracy1:24 PM

    Ooo! "A darker shade of pink." I like it. Do I have to cite you if I use it?