March 30, 2007

People Magazine quote

The article on Elizabeth Edwards begins on p. 54. I am quoted in a side bar entitled "When Breast Cancer Returns" on p. 56.

"Jill Cohen thought she had beaten breast cancer diagnosed three years earlier, when, in 2002, cancer was found again -- this time in her bones. But on a regimen including hormone therapy and radiation, Cohen , 47, is very much on the go, volunteering and traveling with her husband. 'This is not the life I planned,' she says, 'but it's a good life anyway.'"

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  1. Betsey White11:41 AM

    Jill you are my hero! The dance that you (and many with mets) are doing needs to be recognized. Doing the best we can do, in a way that is true to who we are is a challenge that needs acknowledgment and awareness. You my dear, are helping all of us. I hereby nominate you as Ambassador of the living with mets community. Thank you from the tippy top of my spirit.