December 11, 2016

Been much too long since posting last.  Enjoy the posts!

Today was the four month anniversary of our Jill's death and it was a little hard as  her friend Susan came over to help and we went thru most of Jill's clothes and shoes sorting them for a women's support center so they can have professional clothes for interviews and such. I think Jill would have liked that. It took two hours but then there were four large garbage bags and three or four boxes of stuff to donate! It was emotional at the end so I am glad I had help. Then three loads of laundry, 16 shirts ironed, and dishes washed. Man I make a lot of work for myself! Talked to a long time friend who really helped me get thru it!

yesterday this happened....

Great honor and privilege to watch Jill's last wishes bear fruit at the Beth Shalom's Bar Mitzvah party (13th annual fundraiser) last night with the announcement of her generous donation from her life insurance policy to start an endowment at CBS. Now the fun begins as others step forward and see how gratifying it is! Apparently my tux was a hit!


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Jill would have loved it all... pleased as punch! How wonderful... but hard, I have NO doubt. Thank you for returning here from time to time. It feels good to come back here & see new words written. We followers always wonder how life is going on... for those left behind. Blessings~ Andrea

  2. Jill was amazing. You are amazing. I would love to read more about this endowment if there is a link or information anywhere? Sounds awesome.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Stopped by to read. Thank you for the information contained herein and for sharing.