April 13, 2016


I am hopefully tapering off the prednisone completely after this week. It's been more than a month, I've gained 14 pounds (which on my 5'4" body means I can't fit into much of my clothing) and I haven't slept well in weeks.

No matter what steroids do to make you'll better, you can't just stop them "cold turkey" and they have unpleasant side effect, namely: hungry all the time (which means weight gain) and keep you awake at night (which means crappy sleep).

I guess the weight will start to disappear as I feel less hungry at every hour of the day. Sleep is more difficult. I've alternated between Ambien and Ativan, but the Ativan no longer seems to work, which leaves me taking Ambient every night until the weekend. Then no doubt I will develop rebound insomnia and not sleep for a few days from that.

Cancer sucks.

But before I get off the steroids completely, Dr G wants me to have a Cortrosyn (cosyntropin) stimulation test (blood test) to see what my thyroid is actually doing. Apparently this test means multiple blood draws over several hours, potentially while fasting. I don't know but  I guess I'll find out more later this afternoon when I see him.

And then maybe a little shopping. It's the last day of a Macy's sale and there's a pair of sandals I want to try on.

PS No trip to Macy's, because it took forever to schedule everything with Dr G's new front desk staff, who seem seriously undertrained after my years with the staff at Minor and James.


My tumor markers are down by 100 points!

My brain tumors appear smaller and there are no new ones!

I get to stop steroids tomorrow!

Everything is coming up roses at the moment on the cancer front. The Alimta and bicalutamide appear to be working.


  1. so so so happy to read those PS's, Jill! Good luck training the new front desk staff ;)

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  4. Such good news in those PS S!!!! Congratulations!

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Hi Jill, fantastic news. Well done!
    My latest scans showed that cancer has now progressed into brain and I was wondering to what degree you've had it in the brain. Everything I've read seems doom and gloom re brain mets,(9 months survival if you're lucky) and yet you are an example of an exception to this. Like you I have a real strong faith in God that helps me along, and I'm a very positive person. Cancer sucks but I'm in that boxing ring, refusing to just roll over and give in. I'd be hugely grateful if you would send me a personal email - Joni.phillips99@hotmail.com
    I'd like to ask your advice/experience about the brain mets. My liver mets are now completely cleared, so is a neck tumour, a new primary breast tumour and a cancerous cyst. Just as we seemed to be on a run of good news, cancer gave the right hand hook of brain mets, but I'm knocked down, not knocked out. I'm a fighter. My mets have been in lungs, liver, bone and brain, and still one of my doctors said yesterday that they have never seen a patient with such advanced cancer appear so healthy. I'm on no painkillers, and I've just come back from a lovely walk along the local marina, which I do regularly each day. This site is all about you, not me, so you see why I'd like to email with me, so there's no distraction. Joni.phillips99@hotmail.com
    Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  6. So happy about your news! Love it!

  7. Anonymous8:15 AM

    so nice article thanks a lot

  8. So happy to read those PS's! Wonderful to see you posting, always mam;) love your attitude and love ya! ;)