October 26, 2015

Update Monday

I am recovering bit by bit.

The weekend was full of antibiotics and friends. Today I learned that I most likely have two different infections. One is coliform, the bacteria that can cause E. coli. You hear about kids eating hamburgers filled with fecal bacteria. But we all harbor some kind of E. coli and it takes just the right thing to trigger your own body's stuff. I think I got that right.

Dr infectious disease named the second infection in the early morning and I can't remember it now. It had something to do with water/blood bacteria.

I've had more IV antibiotics today but if Friday's and Saturday's cultures come back growing the same thing as Thursday's, I can move to an oral antibiotic and go home. So I hope to be here until tomorrow. As you know, nothing is certain when you're inpatient at the hospital.

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  1. I am catching up on my feed and you came up again! <3 Good lord, that is a lot o' bacteria. Hope Vancomycin is doing you well, I am allergic to it. :( They keep you too long you CAN administer it at home if you keep that PICC line (I did for a month). Hope you are eating lots of yogurt stuff, and healing. Lots of healing. <3