November 30, 2014


It may seem trite or overused to say what we're thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. After all, every day can provide us with such moments if we can stop to appreciate them. So here goes….

I am thankful for:

  • still living well after 12+ years with metastatic breast cancer (this is something of a miracle owed to Dr G, luck and God, not necessarily in that order)
  • my loving husband and our close knit families, although those families live on the other side of the continent
  • our deeply connected families of the heart, with whom we have found decades of companionship
  • the unconditional love of pets (Dunky, Kitzel, Pumpkin, Bobka and Boychik)

I read recently on Facebook about an easy thankfulness practice. Starting on January 1 (or really, any time), label a jar and put it in a visible place in your home. Every day, or as often as you feel so moved, write on a slip of paper some experience that brought you joy. By the end of the year, you will have a jar full of memories to be thankful for, and the opportunity to recreate a year full of joy.


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