August 27, 2013

Starting Xeloda cycle 9 next week

I saw Dr G today and he says my tumor marker has fallen a few more points (now 152). My other numbers all  look normal, including my liver function (an indication of the health or lack thereof for my liver mets).

However, I did complain to him about recently having to "reach" for words. You know, when you can describe the thing but can't come up with the actual word right away. Dr G says it could be a sign of chemo brain, or even middle age, but he wants to order a brain MRI in case it's my brain mets acting up.

I will have the brain MRI on September 9th and see him a few days later to get the results. In the meantime, I will continue on the same regimen of Xeloda daily by mouth, Avastin every two weeks by infusion, and Aredia and Faslodex (infusion and injection) every four weeks.

I say, let's drink rose wine, eat ice cream, pick the blackberries and generally enjoy the rest of the summer.


  1. Good to hear you continue. Xeloda seems to work for you. Enjoy summer!

  2. Good news and the changing season...a celebration is in order!