August 29, 2012

Slow improvement

I feel more focused today but still lack energy. On the other hand, I ate three meals yesterday and today too. That's an improvement.

Dr G says to reduce the dose of Afinitor by cutting the tablet in half and stuffing a cut piece into a piece of cheese. This way the open end won't touch my mouth, and should prevent me from getting mouth sores.

I wondered with Nurse Jacque if the fact that I am slowly improving on my own might mean that this fatigue is due more to the Avastin than the Afinitor. She agreed this was a good point to bring up to Dr G, and will ask him to consider reducing the Avastin dose as well.

I again spent most of the day on the sofa but managed to stay awake reading much of the time. I think I will skip rehearsal tonight and hope for more energy tomorrow.

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